Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for joining Shoppix Online?

Shoppix Online is a feature that allows us to automatically scan your mailbox for receipts. It’s an easy way to earn tokens while you shop.

You will be awarded with 200 bonus tokens when you connect your first mailbox.

What e-receipts do I collect tokens for?

You collect 30 tokens for the first 30 valid e-receipts from an approved merchant within the last 7 days.

There are over 200 well-known approved merchants including Amazon, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, John Lewis, Sports Direct and many more.

You can collect tokens for one receipt per merchant per day.

What e-receipt information is collected from my mailbox?

Shoppix Online identifies specific e-receipts that are in the main inbox and any subfolders of your connected mailbox(es). It collects the content of these e-receipts including details of what was purchased, the store/provider from which the goods/services were purchased, the amount spent and the date of purchase.

How many mailboxes can I connect?

You can connect up-to one Hotmail, Outlook or Live mailbox and you can connect as many Gmail or Yahoo accounts as you wish.

You will be awarded with 200 tokens for connecting your first mailbox.

How to connect a mailbox to Shoppix:

  • Sign in to the Shoppix App.
  • In the Home screen, click on the “@” symbol on the top right-hand corner.
  • This will take you to the Shoppix Online screen. Select "Connect Mailbox".
  • Select either "Add Gmail/Yahoo" or "Add Hotmail/Outlook/Live" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Where can I view the e-receipts that I receive tokens for?

You can browse details of the e-receipts collected and rewarded for within the Shoppix App.

How do I disconnect a mailbox?

You can disconnect any mailbox by using the remove/disconnect button on the Shoppix Online page within the App.

To remove/disconnect your mailbox, select the red "X" next to the email address and then tap, "remove".

Can I reconnect a mailbox?

Yes. You can reconnect any time by following the instructions provided under the heading, "How to connect a mailbox to Shoppix".