Shoppix Release Notes

Version 1.2.0 - October 2017

The Shoppix 1.2.0 update introduces a number of improvements to the receipt approval process and the rewards you receive, as well as changes to the app notification settings which help improve the clarity and timeliness of the messages you receive from the app.

  • We have reduced the total number of tokens required to redeem vouchers of higher denominations, meaning a greater return if you collect and save up your tokens.

    Voucher denomination Version 1.0.1 Version 1.2.0
    £5 3200 3200
    £10 6400 6000
    £20 12800 11500

  • We have revised the receipt approval system so that if a receipt falls above the reward caps for weekly submission of receipts and daily submission of receipts from the same store, they will now appear as approved, however they won’t be awarded tokens. In addition to this, tokens are now only awarded for receipts which are from a retailer which is unique on that day, so multiple visits to the same retailer in the same day will now be approved no matter how many times you visit a store on one day, but you will only receive tokens for the first approval of that day. Remember all receipts snapped have the potential to trigger additional surveys.

  • We’ve revised the notifications system so that notifications will be automatically closed off after a certain amount of time, this will vary by the importance of the message.

  • Where previously we limited the amount of referral bonuses you could earn to 8, the upgrade now means that your referral allowance will be replenished over time and the number of referrals you can still earn bonuses for is displayed in app.

  • Finally, there are more weekly prize draws to be won! We’ve doubled the number of users that will be awarded a prize each week. All revealed scratchcards gain an entry to the weekly prize draw.