Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a Profile  

Can I download Shoppix?

Anyone aged 18 and over who is a permanent UK resident can download Shoppix provided they have a compatible Smartphone. To register you will need to first accept the Shoppix Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

How do I create a Shoppix account?

When you download Shoppix you will be taken to a registration page. Once you complete the form, you will receive an email asking you to validate your account. Once validated you can start using Shoppix!

Why do I need to complete a profile?

Every Shoppix user completes a short profile survey for which you collect tokens and a scratchcard. Coupled with the receipt images you send, the profile information helps to provide insights into consumer behaviours and also enables us to send you specific tailored surveys (for which you can collect more tokens). Please be reassured that no individual can ever be identified from our research data and no personal information is sold or passed on to any 3rd party without your prior consent.

Can I change my profile at any time?

If your household circumstances or contact details change, you can update your profile by going to the Settings page on the home screen, then selecting 'My account'. After completing a password check, you can change profile details such as your profession and any household membership changes by selecting 'Update Profile Survey'. We will ask you to check your profile from time-to-time to ensure it is up-to-date.

Can other members of my household join Shoppix?

Yes, other family members aged 18 and over that live with you can also download Shoppix.

How is my data used?

The information you provide on your profile, by completing surveys and snapping receipts is used to provide market research reports about consumer behaviour in the UK. No individual can ever be identified from our data and absolutely no personal information is sold or passed on to any 3rd party without your prior consent. We safeguard all your personal data with the strictest and most rigorous controls in accordance with UK Data Protection Laws and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. Full details about how your data is used are provided in our Privacy Policy.

Where can I find the Shoppix Privacy policy?

Click the Privacy Policy option at the top of the homepage.

I have a new phone. Do I have to start over again?

No, you simply need to download Shoppix on your new device, and login with your email and password to continue using Shoppix. Please be aware of the devices that Shoppix is compatible with.

I haven't received my verification email, what do I do?

Please check in your junk mail. If you still cannot find it please register again as this will resend the verification email.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Follow the link on the login screen and we will email you a temporary password to your Shoppix registered email address. Temporary passwords expire in 24 hours, so make sure you change to something more memorable quickly! If your account was previously locked, make sure you wait 5 minutes before entering your temporary password. If your temporary password has expired you can request another

What devices is Shoppix compatible with?

Shoppix is available to download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It is free to download and will work on iPhones (iOS version 9.3.5 and above) and all Android smartphones (OS versions 4.2 and above). It is currently not compatible with Windows or Blackberry devices, or tablets/iPads. We are looking to support tablets in the future, so watch this space!

What do I have to do to on Shoppix?

Using Shoppix, you simply need to snap all the valid receipts you and your household receive for purchasing goods or services. You also will need to create a profile and will also regularly be invited to complete short surveys. For doing this you collect tokens which can be exchanged for rewards.

What data is collected from my mailbox in the Shoppix Online trial?

When you sign up to the Shoppix Online trial, and grant access to your email account(s), we’ll identify e-receipts in your mailbox(es) and collect some information from them.

We’ll collect information from your e-receipts on occasions where you have ordered or paid for goods, or services, across a range of approved merchants including what you bought, the store/provider that you bought goods or services from, the amount spent, and the date of purchase. This collection will cover both new and old emails contained in both your main inbox, and any subfolders. We’ll also collect information on occasions where you have subsequently cancelled a previous order.

What happens to the information collected from my mailbox?

The information we collect from your e-receipts is used in the same way as the information we collect from your snapped paper receipts and in strict accordance with the Shoppix Privacy Policy. The information collected provides insights into consumer shopping preferences.

How far back does the Shoppix Online review go?

Once registered, Shoppix Online carries out a retrospective review of your connected mailbox(es). This review collects information from your e-receipts from up to 1 year ago. You are awarded a one-off 200 bonus tokens for connecting to Shoppix Online, including for all valid e-receipts collected from approved merchants within the last 7 days. This happens each time you grant access to Shoppix Online. For example, if you disconnect and subsequently reconnect to Shoppix Online by granting read access again, then another 1-year review of your mailbox will be completed.

Why did I not receive tokens for the transaction in Merchant X? (where Merchant X is not on the approved merchant list)

You will only receive tokens for e-receipts which come from merchants on our approved retailers list, so if it is not displayed in your receipts list in the app then we have not collected the e-receipt most likely because it is not from an approved merchant. We are approving new merchants daily, so this may change. However please note that we do not collect e-receipts related to travel, accommodation, and events.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription and switch off collection by opting out of the Shoppix Online trial at any time. To do this, please visit the “Manage Shoppix Online” screen in the “Settings” section of the App to cancel your registration. You can re-join the Shoppix Online trial again at any time to switch collection back on, but please note you will be required to grant Shoppix access to both new and old email held in your inbox and any subfolders again.

Why did I not receive tokens for the transaction in Merchant X? (where Merchant X is on the approved merchant list)

The reason will be displayed in the App against the e-receipt in your receipts list. If you do not believe this is the case, please let us know.

Why have I not been invited to join the Shoppix Online trial?

Currently, Shoppix Online is an invitation-only trial. We are inviting selected users all of the time, so please continue snapping as usual, and see our FAQs on how to submit online shopping receipts while you wait for your invitation to the Shoppix Online trial.

How many e-receipts per week do I get rewards for?

You can collect 25 tokens for each of the first 4 valid e-receipts every week, with a daily limit of 1 e-receipt per store, per day.

How are my email and password information stored? Who has access to this information?

E-receipts and passwords are always encrypted and treated with the highest levels of security. Users are reminded to always use different passwords online, using a mix of alphanumeric and special characters and to always keep them safe.


What are tokens?

Tokens are the currency of Shoppix and are awarded for snapping receipts and completing surveys. The more tokens you collect the more you can exchange for vouchers or money.

What can I redeem my tokens for?

Tokens can be exchanged for Vouchers or cash via a PayPal account once you have reached the minimum qualifying levels of £5 worth of tokens. Voucher options include Amazon, iTunes and Love 2 Shop. The reward options can change from time to time; you can check the latest information in the “Rewards” section of Shoppix.

How do I know my tokens have been awarded?

All tokens awarded are credited immediately and are visible in your account in the rewards section of Shoppix.

What value are reward tokens?

The redemption value of your reward tokens depends on the reward option you select. You can redeem tokens for cash via PayPal account or vouchers of £5, £10, £20.

What are scratchcards?

Shoppix users are awarded electronic scratchcards on Shoppix which can be scratched to win bonus tokens. Scratchcards are awarded for completing surveys and for snapping receipts in consecutive weeks. We award one scratchcard for completing two consecutive weeks and two scratchcards for completing three or more consecutive weeks. Both winning and losing scratchcards gain entry into a weekly prize draw with bigger prizes up for grabs!

What are prize draws?

All revealed winning or losing scratchcards gain an entry into a weekly prize draw every Monday at 8am (GMT) with large prizes up for grabs. Recent winners are displayed in the rewards section.

How do I gain shopping bags and move up shelves?

Every week you snap your first valid receipt you light up a shopping bag on a shelf. When that shelf is full you move up to a higher shelf! It takes four bags to fill a shelf, except our first and second shelves which takes just one and two bags to fill.

How can I redeem my tokens?

To redeem tokens you can click on the Shoppix icon which will take you to the ‘rewards’ page. This will show you all the tokens and vouchers you can redeem. Tokens can be exchanged for Vouchers or cash via PayPal. The reward options can change from time to time; you can check up-to-date information in the “Rewards” section of Shoppix.

What are surveys?

On Shoppix, you will be invited to complete surveys about general topics and also specific surveys triggered by the receipts you snap. For completing surveys you will be awarded tokens and a scratch-cards.

How do I get surveys?

You will receive a notification that a new survey is available for you to complete. These could be general surveys or specifically selected surveys tailored to you and the receipts you have snapped. Go to the “Surveys” section of the Shoppix App to see the history of Surveys sent and completed and any active Surveys ready to complete now. You will receive reminders for active surveys left to complete before they expire.

Why haven't I received my voucher email confirmation yet?

All voucher email confirmations are sent to your Shoppix registered email address. If you would like your voucher sent to a different email account, please update your email address in Shoppix before ordering the voucher.

Why haven't I received my PayPal confirmation yet?'

PayPal orders are credited to your Shoppix registered email address. If your PayPal account is set up under another email address, you can link your Shoppix registered address to your PayPal account to receive your credit (see PayPal FAQs for instructions), or you can update your email address in Shoppix before you redeem your tokens.

Snapping receipts   

How do I snap a receipt?

Snapping receipts is simple! All you need to do is click on the ‘camera’ icon located at the bottom of the home screen. Select the receipt size option and press the photo button to snap the receipt. If you have a longer receipt, for iPhones hold down the photo button whilst moving your device to snap all the items on the receipt. To snap long receipt on Android phones, snap multiple images and use the transparent guide to line them up and stitch them together. If you are unhappy with the image you have the option to ‘retake’.

When should I snap my receipts?

Please snap your receipts as soon as possible after you receive them. There are bonus tokens on offer for receipts snapped on the same day of the shopping trip or purchase. Receipts will not be approved if they are more than 7 days old.

What is the daily store limit?

You collect tokens for the first approved receipt you snap from each different store each day.

What is the weekly receipt cap?

You can send as many receipts per week as you like, and you will receive tokens for the first 30 approved receipts. The cap is calculated over the previous 7 days rather than a fixed Monday to Sunday.

What is a valid receipt?

A valid receipt covers goods or services you or your household have paid for within the UK (not an invoice, bill or statement). It must be the itemised receipt and not the card receipt. Please note we do not approve train or bus tickets. The receipt must be printed (not hand-written) and unmodified with all the following key elements clearly visible:

  • The shop/service provider
  • Date (which must be within the last 7 days)
  • The individual items or services paid for and the total price paid.
You collect tokens for the first approved receipt you snap from each different store each day and for the first 30 approved receipts every week. If in doubt, please snap the receipt but note that some receipts may not be approved or generate tokens if they do not fit these conditions. It is possible to challenge rejected receipts.

What happens if I cannot snap receipts for any reason?

Users who do not regularly snap valid receipts will receive reminders and if after a while they remain inactive, then they will be considered as non-users. If you cannot snap receipts for any extended period due to phone problems, etc. then you can contact the Shoppix helpdesk who can temporarily pause participation until you are ready to start again.

My receipt has been rejected, how do I challenge this?

It is possible for you to challenge a receipt we have not approved. This could be because we have incorrectly transcribed the shop/service provider you have visited, or you want to challenge an occasion when we have not approved the validity or quality of a receipt.

If the challenge is successful, the receipt details or status will be updated and any tokens owed will be rewarded.

What kind of receipts can I upload?

Shoppix will allow you to snap all itemised receipts - this can be from restaurants, shops, attractions etc. But please note we do not approve bus or train tickets.

Do you accept non-UK receipts?

We only accept receipts for goods or services paid for within the UK (including Northern Ireland).

Is there any limit to the number of receipts I snap?

There is no limit to the number of receipts you snap and you are encouraged to snap all valid receipts you and your household receive. You will collect tokens for each of the first 30 distinct, valid receipts you send every week, with every single receipt snapped potentially triggering a survey. All surveys have tokens and a scratchcard on offer for completion.

How many receipts from the same store on the same day earn tokens?

You collect tokens for the first approved receipt you snap from each different store each day. Additional approved receipts snapped from this store do not earn tokens but could trigger surveys.

The date on my receipt isn’t appearing correctly, how do I challenge this?

Very occasionally, stores use a different date format on their receipts, and our systems cannot read the information as expected. If this happens to you, you can challenge this. If the challenge is successful, the receipt details and/or status will be updated and any tokens owed will be rewarded.

Other Information   

Can I send my receipts via Wi-Fi Only?

Yes, to save your phone’s data allowance you can go to the “Settings” cog symbol within Shoppix and set your device to "Only send receipts via Wi-Fi" using the switch button.

Can I leave Shoppix at any time?

To maximise your rewards we encourage you to keep snapping receipts and completing surveys each week, however if you wish to leave Shoppix you can contact the Shoppix helpdesk or deactivate your account in “Settings”. Please note after deactivating you will need to re-register to recommence participation.

Can I use Shoppix on multiple devices?

Yes you can use Shoppix on multiple devices using the same login, but notifications will only be received on the device used last. Please note that logging into a second device will log you out of the first device.

How much memory does Shoppix take up?

Shoppix takes up just 46.0 MB of memory on your Apple device or 49.5 MB on your Android device.

What if I don't want to receive surveys?

To maximise your rewards we encourage you to complete all surveys received. If you do not wish to receive surveys, please let us know by contacting the Shoppix Helpdesk. Occasional surveys are required as part of your Shoppix membership and you will still receive these e.g. to update your household details.

What changes have been made to the application?

We continuously are enhancing the app to improve your experience with the app. You can click here to see what changes have been made.